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SierraTV iTunes U Information

Sierra TV Courses are archived for 2 weeks on our iTunes U site, which can be accessed by logging into Blackboard and clicking the itunes U link inside your televised course.

Please note that searching for Sierra College in iTunes will not bring up our iTunes U site as we are not currently listed in the public college listings, and the only way to access the TV course archives are through your Blackboard course.

Click here to access iTunes U!

  • To register for a TV course, use the TV course codes, listed below.

  • To view the courses on iTunes, you will need to access the site through your TV course in Blackboard. Click here for a Quicktime video with instructions.

  • Course archives will generally be available on iTunes U one to two days after the live class session, depending on staff schedules and file conversion times.

  • Course archives will be available for 2 weeks after the broadcast date, and then will be removed.

  • Your instructor may post course documents on the Blackboard system, as well as have them available at the campus testing centers. For instructions on how to access and use Blackboard, click here.

  • TESTING: You will be required to come to a local Sierra testing center for tests,
    so if you cannot come to a local Sierra campus, this course may not work for you.

  • Tests are taken on campus in Rocklin or NCC. Please see the Testing Center website
    for hours and other helpful information.
  • You will need to install iTunes to be able to view the archives, which can be
    downloaded for free from You will also need to install
    Quicktime, which can be downloaded for free from

  • Please note that because iTunes is outside of our scope of administration, you are responsible to make sure that iTunes functions properly on your computer or iPod.
    You can test that out by going to our iTunes U site and downloading a video from
    the Distance Learning or Campus Events sections.

  • The TV course video archives are rather large so they will not play directly from the iTunes U site, but should be downloaded into your iTunes video library by hitting the Get Movie button. They do take a while to download onto your compter. If you subscribe to that course by hitting the Subscribe button next to the TV logo inside
    that course, then whenever you log into iTunesU through your Blackboard course link, it will check for new archives and download them automatically in the background while you work on other things.

  • If for some reason you are having trouble with your computer or iTunes U, you can
    come to the Distance Learning department in LRC135 on the Rocklin campus, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, and download them to your flash drive - you will need 200mb to 250mb of free space per course on your flash drive. We do not provide CDs or DVDs.
    Please note: We will only have the lastest 2 weeks available.

  • In iTunes, you can subscribe to podcasts, which will automatically download any newly added podcasts/videos whenever iTunes is opened. Because our TV courses are 1.5 - 3 hours long, the files will be rather large, and usually take a few minutes to download depending on your connection type. If you subscribe to the course you are in, then whenever a new class session is uploaded, it will automatically download into your Videos library the next time you log into iTunes U through your Blackboard course link. If you keep iTunes open during the day, then any newly added archives that day would download and be ready for you later that afternoon or evening.

  • PLEASE NOTE: You will want to be sure there is adaquate room on your hard drive! Whenever you download content from iTunes, the file is stored on your hard drive. The TV courses are approximatley 200 mb large, so you may want to occasionally burn them onto a CD or DVD, and then delete them from your iTunes library to keep your hard drive from getting too full. A standard CD holds 700 MB (3 TV course videos) and a DVD holds 4.7 GB (15 TV course videos).

  • For more information on how to burn iTunes files onto a CD/DVD, please visit the
    iTunes tutorial page.

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