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Online Student Readiness Quiz

If you are new to Online Courses, you can take our Online Student Readiness Quiz, which is a self-assessment tool to help you determine how well Online courses will work for you, based on your computer system, computer skills & knowlege, reading skills, time management skills, & learning style. The results do not get sent to anyone at Sierra College, nor are they stored - They are only visible to you at the time you finish the quiz. If you would like to save the results, please take the quiz at a computer that will allow you to print the results. You can re-take the quiz as many times as you wish and there is no time limit. This is strictly for your own personal benefit to help you determine how well you will succeed with an Online course.

This assessment requires Flash player, which you can download for free by clicking here.

Please wait for the assessment to load below...

If you are interested in taking Online courses but don't feel you know enough
about computers and the internet, here's the perfect class for you!

CIS 37 - Fundamental Internet Techniques and Strategies for College


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