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Online Course CIS 37
Fundamental Internet Techniques and Strategies for College

Please note that this course is a Classroom based course.

So, What Is This Class?

  • our most basic Internet course
  • designed to build your confidence and prepare you for further learning
  • will help you to learn how the Internet functions and how to use some
    of the basic features of the Internet:
  • use a Web browser to locate, navigate, print and save educational Web resources;
  • prepare for taking an online course, including discussions, assignments, downloads, forms, and email;
  • conduct basic Web searches using various basic options such as, address line keywords, search button, search engines and web directories, and provide a written evaluation of the quality of the web information obtained
  • use Web-based email to send and receive messages, open and send attachments, and organize saved messages and addresses using folders and the address book.

Course Description:

Hands-on introduction to the Internet and computer skills for practical application in online courses or college courses with a computer component.  Locating educational websites, evaluating and citing web resources, saving and organizing research results.  Strategies for online learning: online discussions download and upload course materials, attachments.  Basic Internet security precautions.
Along with C.I.S. 50, prepares for C.I.S. 67.

What Methods Will Be Used In This Class?

  • the instructor lectures, demonstrates, encourages and facilitates discussion online via the Blackboard system
  • the students participate in weekly discussions via the discussion board, learning activities, accessing Web-based instruction, writing on assigned topics, quizzes, and computer work.


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