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Blackboard Test Information

Online exams can be set by the instructor for single or multiple attempts, with specific date and time settings, timed and/or with password protection - ask your instructor if you are not clear on how the test is set up. The instructor can also set up the exam to display a single question at a time or all questions at once, and may offer the ability to stop and save, resuming it where you stopped, however most require you to complete the test on that first attempt. Other exams may be configured so questions are pulled in random order from a question pool.

Please note: We no longer use the Respondus Lockdown Browser

Contact your instructor ahead of time if you have any questions about the exam format
and review the following tips to reduce the chance of problems:

Windows Vista Users: There is an issue with Vista and Internet Explorer 7 that may cause a typing delay when entering responses to essay and short-answer questions. 

Internet Explorer 8 is also not recommended as it causes the timer to display over the submit/save buttons.

Firefox is the recommended browser for all exams and quizzes rather than Internet Explorer.

Before starting an online quiz/exam:

  • DO NOT click the exam link unless you are actually prepared to take the exam at that time.

  • If the exam is set for “single attempt” and/or "force completion" and you hit the Cancel or Back buttons, close the window or try to access another area of the course, you will be locked out and unable to access the exam again. If this occurs, contact your instructor immediately by email or phone to document the problem and ask them how to proceed.

  • Click the link only once, and do not double click as you normally would in other programs, otherwise you may receive a message “The assessment has already been taken”. (The browser may interpret a doulble click as two seperate attempts)

  • Maximize your browser screen before starting the exam so that none of the text (and images, if any) are cut off from view.

  • If the use of additional windows or websites is allowed, open them before starting the exam.

  • Resizing the screen or launching a second browser window when the exam is displayed may cause you to be locked out of the exam.

  • Disable any pop-up blockers before starting the exam. Pop-up blockers can prevent the exam from displaying.

  • If an exam must be taken by a specific date or time, do not wait until the last minute to start it. Should something go wrong, there may not be enough time to resolve the issue before the deadline.

  • If an exam question presentation is "All At Once" rather than "One At A Time", wait for the entire quiz to load before answering/saving Question #1. (Scroll down to the bottom of the exam to make sure all the questions appear before starting.)

  • Dial-Up Users: Make sure your ISP idle time-out settings are set to the maximum allowed time. (In IE, this setting is usually found under: Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Settings> Advanced).

  • Wireless Laptop Users: Always use a hard-wired connection plugged directly into your router instead of a wireless connection when taking exams.

While you are taking the exam:

  • If you do lose your internet connection in the middle of an exam, do not close your browser window. Try to re-establish your connection. If the exam is still displayed, complete it and try to submit. If you are concerned about whether your results were recorded, print a copy of the confirmation page for your records and email your instructor indicating you encountered technical difficulties.

  • Check the status of the Force Completion setting--If it says: "This Test must be completed now. It CANNOT be resumed later--you CANNOT logout and return to the test later. The test must be completed and submitted without exiting from it.  If Force Completion indicates "This test can be saved and resumed later", then will you will be able to save the test, logout, and return to it--however, if it is a timed exam, the timer will continue to run, even if you do not have the exam displayed.

  • If the exam is timed, you will see the following message when starting the exam: This quiz has a X hour X minute time limit. The clock will start as soon as the quiz is loaded and a timer will display at the top of the exam area. When one minute remains, a warning pop-up message will display. If the time limit is exceeded, Blackboard will accept the submission, but the time overage will be recorded in the grades area by a red exclamation point and reported to your instructor.

  • Remember that Saving and Submitting are two separate processes, and even if you've saved the exam you still must click Submit when you are finished or have run out of time. (It may take some time to record the results--DO NOT click Submit more than once.)

  • DO NOT use the browser's Back and Forward buttons or the scroll wheel on your mouse to navigate; instead use the arrow keys and/or window side scroll bars to move to previous questions. (This does not apply to exams that are set to display questions one at a time and/or prohibit backtracking.)

  • If time permits, review your exam responses prior to submission.


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