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Blackboard SafeAssign Anti-Plagiarism tool

SafeAssign is an anti-plagiarism tool in Blackboard that compares students' uploaded documents, such as essays or reports, to documents on millions of databases over the World Wide Web and provides you with a report that shows the percentage of text similar to other documents, along with the websites these documents are located.

We have installed the SafeAssign tool in Blackboard and have created mini-tutorials to help you use it if you wish, located at the bottom of this screen.

You must add your assignments as a SafeAssignment, rather than a regular item or assignment, for the students' submissions to go into the SafeAssign plagiarism checking system.

You can view and grade students' submissions through the Gradebook in Blackboard, just as you would a regular assignment.

You can't change existing assignments to SafeAssignments, unfortunately. You will have to create them initially as SafeAssignments for the anti-plagiarism system to work. You can create SafeAssignments in any content area in Blackboard.

When creating a SafeAssignment, you will see the following fields:

Field Description
Title Enter a title for the SafeAssignment.
Points Possible Enter the points possible for the SafeAssignment. This value will be shared with the Gradebook Item created for the Safe Assignment
Text Enter instructions for completing the SafeAssignment.
Available Select whether or not the assignment should be visible to Students.
Availability Dates Use these optional controls to set the date range when Students can interact with the SafeAssignment.
Drafts Allows Students to validate their paper without submitting it to the institutional database. Useful as an instructive tool to help Students learn how to attribute papers properly.
Students Viewable Determines whether or not Students can see the report generated when their papers are submitted.
Urgent Checking Sets papers to a high priority in the queue.
Optional Announcement     (see options below)
  -Create Select Yes to create an Announcement about the SafeAssignment.
  -Subject Enter a subject for the Announcement.
  -Message Enter a message for the Announcement.

We have created quick video tutorials to show you how to create and grade SafeAssignments.

Creating SafeAssignments
Grading Safe Assignments

Check out the SafeAssign website for more information!

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