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How to Export Course Content from one Blackboard system and Import into courses on a different Blackboard system.

We are upgrading to a new Blackboard system as of Summer 2009 session. Because all of the previous semester courses are on a different Blackboard server, you will not be able to use the Copy Course function when copying content from Spring 09 or previous over to Summer 09 or future courses. You will need to go through the following steps to Export your content package(s) from the old (Spring 09) Blackboard system and Import the package(s) into the new (Summer 09) Blackboard System.

How To Export Course Content from Old course (Video #1)

How to Download Exported Course Zipped File (Video #2)

How to Import Course Content into new system (Video #3)

We've also created a pdf document with the same step by step process for those
who want to download and print out the steps.

Step by Step Export/Import Instructions in PDF


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