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Blackboard Logo General Information using Blackboard

Whether it's an Online Class, On-Campus Class, or a Hybrid, every single class will have Blackboard Access. Once your registration has been processed, you will have access later that day, or first thing the next morning for night-time registrations - EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS!!

New Blackboard Login changes for January 2011:

  • Click on the Blackboard Access link at the bottom of Sierra's homepage, or in MySierra.
  • The login portal provides additional information, along with the Blackboard Login button.
  • As of January 2011, you will use your MySierra username & Password to also login to Blackboard, all in lowercase and no spaces.
  • If you update your MySierra password, please note that this will also change your Blackboard password.

Please remember that when you log into Blackboard, your class will usually not appear until the FIRST DAY of the semester.

View the Blackboard Tutorial slideshow online by clicking here.

Additional Info for Students using Blackboard:

  • If you have any trouble logging on or with various functions inside Blackboard, you can go through the steps in Blackboard's Browser Tuneup, or go through our Trouble-Shooter Guide.
  • Your Blackboard account will be created automatically for all of your classes via the
    Sierra College Registration system, and NOT through the Blackboard website as that feature is not active in Blackboard.
  • If you have an on-campus course listed in Blackboard with no activity, please note that not all instructors will choose to utilize the Blackboard System so you may not always see it listed, or if it is listed, there might not be any content.
  • Your Online courses usually do not appear on Blackboard until the FIRST DAY of the semester. Occasionally, instructors are still updating their courses on the first day, but if you don't see the Online course by the end of the day, please let us know.

Online Resources for Students using Blackboard:

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